About US

UTS Pest Control

Our Business operates in more than nine Years with a mission ,To improve the quality of life of the communities, remaining essentially unchanged.

All these years, we have been providing safe and effective general pest control and termites treatment to our valued customers. Today, we are still striving to provide the best services at all times to all customers. Current portfolio includes multinational organizations, hospitality service industry, government, foreign embassies and others. The nature of our business involves mosquito control, anti-termite soil treatment, fumigation treatment and general pest control for residential, commercial properties, hospitals, hotels, factories whether it is indoors or outdoors. | RESIDENTIAL | CORPORATE | GOVERNMENT |


Our Mission and Vision


Be able to provide the best pest service with the support and guidance of dedicated and professional leaders, as well as trained workers and technicians and using the latest equipment. Every customer problem becomes a priority and becomes a loyal listener by providing best service and advice from time to time.


To make a leading and visionary company in the field of pest control / Anti-termide building and to establish a determination to become one of the respected and respected bumiputera contractors in the field.