Insect Light Trapping

Insect Light Trapping


We recommend the integrated Pest Management (IPM) system when it combines institution of improved sanitation measures with physical proofing as part of pest control program. The modes of control are as follows.

Professional fly killing machine design-designed for commercial & factory outlets where highest possible quality and insect catchments is required Up to 2 x 15 Watt ULV, tubes-tested technology provides flying insect control cover of up to approximately 80m2 Unit ready to be suspended or wall mounted-easily adaptable to a variety of flying insect control situations. Glue board catchments-ensures no transfer of insects outside machines therefore good for meeting HACCP regulations. Easy to service and maintain.

Glue boards have grid lines-enables monitoring of flying insects to meet HACCP regulations. Glue boards are pheromone enhanced-ensures extra attraction of flies to unit and therefore improved catch rates.

Available in powder coated metal or high quality (304) Stainless steel housing-option of durable finish for areas where moisture may be present or where a quality appearance is important.

IP45 units-unit available with option of extra protection for areas where excess amounts of water and dirt may cause potential damage to the units.

Tool free maintenance-ensures swift and efficient service of units with minimum disturbance to clients.

High quality design and construction-to meet and exceed all hygiene standards (HACCP). All safety approvals carried-suitable for use in any location.

Special Features -

1. NO noise, NO smell, NO debris, NO pollution and NO chemicals.

2. For both monitoring and control of flies and flying insects.

3. Pleasant decorative style to suit the environment.

4. NO electric Zapping, eliminates contamination by flies debris.

5. Suitable to be placed in food & beverage outlets, as buffet table tops and wall lamps.

6. Easy to replace sticky glue cards.

7. Shatterproof globes also available- they give full protection against falling into food.

8. Its clean and effective.